Aerospace Approvals


Client Approval List:


Allied Signal Aerospace-Aerospace Equipment Systems

Arkwin Industries

ATK(Alliant TechSystems)

Bell Helicopter

Boeing Aircraft (Includes McDonnell Douglas)

Bombardier DeHavilland Aircraft

Bombardier Aerospace Learjet Inc.

British Aerospace

Curtiss Wright-Flight Systems

EDO-Marine and Aircraft Systems

Dynatech Aerospace

G.E. Aviation(Formerly Smith’s Aerospace)

GKN Aerospace

Goodrich Corporation-Aerostructure Group

Goodrich Corporation-Landing Gear Divisions(Cleveland, Tullahoma, Oakville)


Honeywell-Engines, Systems, and Services

Honeywell-Landing Gear Division

IAI-SHL Division Commercial Aircraft

Kaiser Rollmet-A Rockwell Collins Company

Kaman Aerospace


Lockheed Martin (Includes Georgia, Martin Marietta, and Fort Worth)


Mitsubishi Regional Jet

Northrup Grumman

Parker Hannifin Corporation



Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation/United Technologies

Smiths Aerospace (Landing Gear/Santa Ana,California)

Smiths Aerospace (LandingGear/Yakima,Washington)

Smiths Aerospace (Actuation Systems/Whippany,N.J.)

Target Rock(A Division of Curtiss Wright)

Triumph Group, Inc. (Includes all Triumph Group Systems)

Unison Engine Components(Part of G.E. Aviation)

Vought Aircraft Industries

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