Aluminum Heat Treating

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Precision Control and Maximum Output

Hercules’  Drop-Quench Furnace (featuring a water or glycol quench that minimizes distortion) and our Aging Furnace, together deliver large volume and reliable production. These high-technology units provide consistent quality throughout while insuring predictable/repetitive results. In addition, both furnaces perform a wide variety of metallurgical processes, such as: solution treating, specialized quenching and aging.

 Results meet the highest standards and quality – providing maximum output, precision control and process flexibility. As importantly, the increased production from these specialized units can meet your individually specified needs while improving your overall cost efficiency.


• Drop Quench Furnace

   – 1,800 lb capacity

   – Water or Glycol Quench

   – 7-Second Quench

• Aging Furnace

   – 13' capacity

Materials - such as:

• 7000 Series

• 6000 Series

• 2000 Series

• Rolled Bars

• Extrusions and Forgings

Parts - such as:

• Space Shuttle Components

• A330/340 Piston Components

• A330/340 Diaphragm Tube Components


• F-18 Landing Gear

• 767 Components

• Sikorsky Helicopter Components

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