The Hercules Heat Treating Difference

It’s simple physics that heat treating metal parts at extreme temperatures will cause warpage and distortion. But when those parts will be used in military and commercial aircraft, lives depend on the integrity of each piece.

And while it’s good practice to aim for minimal distortion in the heat treating process, it requires true mastery to achieve near-exact dimensional stability that requires minimal machining later. This is our specialty. 

Save Your Time, Save Your Tools

Heat-treated metal is brutally hard on machine tools, and incredibly time consuming to machine. So it makes sense to reduce the amount of machining you have to do post-process.

Our team of engineers will work with you to methodize your parts with exactly the right amount of material in precisely the right places. You don’t need to leave any more “meat on the bone” than is absolutely essential.

This expertise allows Hercules to heat closer to finish sized parts, and control distortion in any alloy. And it will massively cut your machining time, thus increasing the longevity of your tools. 

Hercules’ Expertise

We work with small batches of highly-specialized and expensive components for aerospace, thus:

We are committed to deliver every single part to perfection.

Heat treating metal is a science that requires acute attention to temperatures and timings, but it’s also an art to fixture straighten metal to our standards of exactness.

Since 1949, each generation of “old-timers” at Hercules have passed down the tribal wisdom of the trade, and tutored their successors in the precise art of heat treating and straightening for the aerospace industry.

We take pride in our craft.
And we guarantee the results. 

Quality Guaranteed

The heat treated parts for the aerospace industry must undergo rigorous Quality Assurance testing. We test and verify the parts for tensile strength, hardness and micro-hardness, product consistency, and measurement accuracy, so you can depend on uniform results, every time.

We document our process from receiving to delivery, and our dedicated team of Quality Assurance experts ensure every part we send out meets our customer’s requirements. 

Quick Turnaround

We’re an independently-owned, family run operation, with a small, but mighty team of about 50 loyal employees. This allows us to respond with agility to new projects, and quickly turnaround jobs of any size.

When you work with Hercules, you’ll never have to wade through layers of management, and you’ll always have direct and immediate access to the people in charge. Our qualified staff is always available to consult and answer any questions and ensure Hercules delivers exceptional service and Quality on every job.