Steel Heat Treating

Maximizing Strength While Minimizing Distortion

Hercules processes many airframe and landing gear parts through its salt bath furnaces, believed to be the largest commercially available in the United States – and the most frequently requested by customers. Size matters. With vertical working dimensions of 43″ in diameter and 108″ in depth, these truly extraordinary workhorses can accommodate extremely large parts. 

The powerful austenitizing unit operates from 1475˚F to 1625˚F, holding 20,000 lbs of salt. The Marquench bath, featuring top to bottom agitation, ranges in temperature from 350˚F to 550˚F and holds 22,000 lbs of salt.

Our salt bath furnaces are particularly effective in minimizing distortion and other internal stresses. Thus, these methodologies arm Hercules with critical tools to improve a part’s dimensional quality and overall durability.


Harden and Quench Parts up to 108" vertically


High Strength, Low Alloy Steels

Precipitation Stainless Steels


Military Landing Gear and Arresting Hook Points

Boeing Commercial Landing Gear Programs