Vacuum Heat Treating

Hercules is a leading specialist in the heat treatment of such materials as AerMet 100, 4340M and Ferrium S53 and M54 — all used to fabricate aircraft landing gear and other critical aerospace components. Our expertise and equipment are second to none.

Hercules utilizes three vacuum furnaces: a VFS 2 and 6 bar nitrogen pressure quench and a Seco Warwick oil quench. These furnaces lead the industry in performance and are equipped with innovative, insulated, all-metal or graphite hot zones; an advanced heating element design for precise temperature control; and high- performance quench systems for rapid cooling.

Hercules’ vacuum heat treatments provide you with enhanced flexibility and broad quenching capability. Our unique methods of reducing treatment-process distortion, combined with the inherent benefits of surface chemistry control, can contribute to a dramatic reduction in post heat treatment machining costs.


Materials, such as:

Parts, Such As: