Fixturing Straightening

It’s simple physics that treating metal parts and alloys with extreme temperatures can cause warpage and distortion. But when those parts will be used in military and commercial aircraft landing gear, lives depend on the integrity of each piece.

And while it’s good practice to aim for minimal distortion in the heat treating process, it requires true mastery to achieve near-exact dimensional quality that requires minimal machining later. This is our specialty.

Hercules’ testing systems have been developed to meet customers unique specifications and requirements. Designed to provide flexibility in response to diversified standards, Hercules is able to examine performance on-site and be responsive to early discrepancy detection and rapid corrective action.

Steel parts, when quenched, have a tendency to warp, twist and “oil can”. Hercules is expert at temper-straightening parts after quenching, returning parts to within 0.003″ to 0.005″ of their original dimensions, while retaining full strength and hardness.


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